Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wyatt & Dylan

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to photograph some neighbor boys and the session was a blast! Dylan didn't really care about the camera for a bit but after a while, he warmed up to it. Him and his brother, Wyatt, are so fun! They climbed trees and showed me all around their farm. They had to tell me all about their animals and their animals' names. I had such an enjoyable evening and managed to get some great shots! Here are my favs!

The grass in their trees was sooooo green! It was a photographers dream spot! =)

By the end of the night the boys were sick of pictures but we still wanted a few in the wheat. After a few tears we captured the last few shots. The sun was just setting and it was so bright that I didn't think the photos would turn out but I kind of like how the sun shining gives the pictures a true feeling of a summer night!

Thank you Sarah and Shannon for letting me photograph your handsome boys! I had such a fun time and I hope you all did too! Thanks again!


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