Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Randomness... ;)

I was going through my photos and realized that I had some amazing ones that I hadn't posted anywhere, and I just had to share.....

This is my Aunt and Uncle's dog Tiera. I captured this shot at my cousin Avery's birthday party which I posted photos of last month. This dog definitely has a personality of her own and she will let you know if she doesn't like you....and she will let you know if she does like you! ;)
Oh the colors of spring...I love! ***sigh***

And the Colorado sunsets....

This photo was taken a while back on my way home from my sister's house in Idalia. I couldn't help but notice the amazing grafitti on the trains as I passed although I probably should have had my eyes on the road. =S Anyhow...I stopped to check it out and I couldn't believe it. It was gorgeous!

So that is that...I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite random shots of the spring!
♥ Lauren


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