Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome Wyatt & Molly

Ok so this was my first newborn session (ok 3 sessions because Molly didn't like to sleep) ever! Let's just say I was freaking out a bit (ok A LOT!!!) But in the was fun and I learned tons. I'm kind of surprised that I got any good shots because I really didn't have a clue what I was doing. =) I like to learn by doing instead of reading. =) So thank you Karrie for letting me experiment with your kids. Newborns are waaaayyyy harder to work with than I had imagined. Thank goodness for pacifiers and wipes! =) Wyatt and Molly are the cutest little babies and they each definately have a personality of their own. =) They are so precious that I couldn't do my usual five picture post. So here are my favorites...all 8 of them! Enjoy!

Mr. Wyatt slept for quite awhile and I was able to get so many great shots of him! =)

Karrie recieved these hats in the hospital...aren't they adorable?

Miss Molly didn't like to sleep so much but when she did fall into dreamland I had my camera ready!

I just love how tiny newborns are!! Their feet are sooooo adorable! ***sigh*** I can't resist! ;)

Ok so these next shots took some work but they were definately worth it....they turned out so great! And I love they way they show how little these babies are.

There were only a few minutes where both Molly and Wyatt were asleep at the same time so I snapped like crazy. I got some good ones of their faces together but I couldn't resist posting this one. I just loved how they are laying and how Molly's nose is squashed up against Wyatt's forehead. I thought it was sweet. ***sigh***

Thank you Karrie and Colby for letting me photograph your precious babies! Also thank you for letting me invade your house with my studio stuff! Molly and Wyatt are lucky to have parents like you! Thanks again for everything!
♥ Lauren


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