Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a quick post...

Ok so it is 11:30 at night and I'm posting photos on my blog...crazy? Ya! But I have to say I just drank a pop a few hours ago and for someone who never drinks pop that is not a good idea! I'm still wired! =) Anyhow...I love these kiddos and I got to photograph them yesterday! It was soooo fun as always and I got soooo many adorable shots! They are so photogenic! I will have more photos from the session up tomorrow night but I just couldn't wait to show them off so I had to post a few tonight! ;) Enjoy!

What a DoLL!!

Thank you sooo much Jen and Jason for letting me photograph your family once again! I will have all the photos up soon! =) I can't wait for you to see them!


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