Friday, November 27, 2009

Almost Here....

I have to say...I have never taken silhouette pictures with my camera until last night...and now I have taken silhouette BELLY pictures TWO nights in a row! Last night it was my sister's belly and tonight it was my cousin's wife, Danielle's belly! The weather was perfect BOTH nights and the silhouettes turned out AmAzInG!! I don't have any to share from last night but enjoy these of Danielle's cuteness! =)

Yes...I love photoshop! =)

I just had to post this picture of the MOST photogenic girl I know. I took this photo when I was babysitting and it wasn't that great of a photo to begin with, but I was bored one day and decided to play with photoshop. I turned it into a an antique style and now I just AdOrE this photo! ;)

As always...thanks for looking! And Danielle...thanks so much for being ready so quickly tonight...didn't give you much warning. I guess when the sun is right you have to take advantage of it. Thanks again...and I can't wait 'til that bundle of joy is here!!


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