Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh it feels like winter...

I strongly dislike winter! I would say hate but that is too strong of a word...=). I was looking forward to this session because when I woke up yesterday the weather was gorgeous! It didn't stay that way though....the wind picked up and I'm pretty sure the temperature dropped about 20 degrees by the time the session was over. In addition to the weather...there were stickers EVERYWHERE!! Let's just say it wasn't the greatest conditions but somehow we managed to get a ton of amazing photos! This family is the sweetest family and I had a blast even though the weather didn't cooperate. Anyway...I'll stop rambling and let you look at the photos...Enjoy! =)

I think the wind worked in our favor in this shot...what a beautiful girl!

Thanks so much Kelly and Carisa for letting me photograph your family! I had so much fun! I hope you enjoy your photos (even though they're not snow ones) (; Thanks again!
♥ lj


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